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Computer/Game Programming

Children will learn how to create & program a game using a variety of approaches that include drag and drop techniques such as Scratch, Small Basic or Python. Children learn minecraft, Greenfoot, GameMaker, Kudo or scratch as they create their own game ideas that they can not only be proud of but also publish online. Many of the programming activities are visual programming environments where kids can combine blocks to create software. The goal is to cultivate their interest and skills early on so that they can graduate from creating things using block languages without learning the syntax to languages with syntax and basic programming concepts.
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Campus Fun

In addition to learning, children will have time for healthy socialization with their Deaf peers, and a chance to make lifelong friendships. During down time DYC-Academy will provide a wide variety of games and activities conducive to exercising problem solving skills, and developing team-working strategies. When the weather is nice we will take a break for lunch outside, and have take time to stretch and recharge. Children learn better when they are having fun, so we are sure to take a break in the morning and afternoon for either guided or independent activities. We work hard, we play hard!

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Learning Outcomes

Our young coders will have the opportunity to work on team projects following the Software Development Life Cycle from the design phase to implementation. On the last day of camp the children will have a presentation day where they will present their finished product to parents and peers for recognition. At the end of their two week immersive coding experience your children will walk away with both knowledge and hands-on experience in programming, problem solving, team-work, presentation, and communication. These are skills which will carry over into your children’s school and social life, as well as their future careers, making them more well rounded and ready for success.

Our Mission

At the Deaf Youth Coding Academy it is our mission to strengthen the foundation of Deaf Youth with extra-curricular skill-development and educational opportunities in their native language of American Sign Language. We strive to provide Deaf children with enrichment activities comparable to or exceeding that of their hearing peers.

We believe that while training marketable skills, such as computer programming, is crucial to the success of the next generation, there needs to be more. That is why we provide an environment where our students become a cohort, united by similar interests and shared Deaf culture, to provide each other with support, and help each other learn and grow outside of the classroom. Our teachers serve not only as role models, but also as mentors, providing career guidance and encouragement for years to come. Thus, it is our mission to provide Deaf children with this holistic approach that ecompasses all of the ingredients for success: education, experience and networking.

About Us

Who We Are

Deaf Youth Coding Academy (DYC-Academy) was created, not with the present in mind, but with the future of our children and the next generation of working Deaf adults. Seeing the various extra-curricular activities designed to empower hearing youths with an early foundation in technology careers and the absence of similar opportunities for Deaf youths, we knew it was time to make a change.

A brain child of AID ( DYC-Academy was launched to focuses on cultivating early computer programming skills in Deaf children, indispensable for participating in our technology driven world. With Deaf experts in the field as our teachers, we provide a unique educational, mentoring, and networking experience as of yet unknown to the youth of the Deaf community. We at DYC-Academy are passionate about bringing opportunities to Deaf Children to create solid foundations for brighter futures.